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Masking And Hearing Aid Devices May Help You Cope With Tinnitus

People who experience chronic bothersome noises without an outside source have a condition medically known as tinnitus. Fortunately, various types of technology are available to help if you are dealing with this problem. If you've tried traditional products before without success, you may experience remarkable improvement with more cutting-edge technology. Contact an audiology specialist to learn more about these options.

About Tinnitus

Anyone who has ever experienced ringing in the ears for a short time knows how troublesome that is. Tinnitus forces you to cope with hearing unpleasant sounds much of the time. You might hear ringing, clicking, buzzing, chirping or hissing. The noises may even disrupt your sleep.

It can be very difficult to ignore these sounds. They may cause issues with hearing even if you have no actual hearing loss. The sounds can be so annoying that they make it difficult to concentrate at work or school. The situation may cause you to feel anxious and depressed.

Masking Devices

Masking devices available from audiologists help patients cope with tinnitus more effectively. They are worn like hearing aids and produce white noise that covers up the irritating sounds. People generally feel that white noise is much easier to tolerate and get used to than tinnitus is.

Not everyone feels the need to wear a masking device. You might only notice the bothersome sounds when you are trying to concentrate in a quiet room, for instance, or when you want to fall asleep. In those cases, a white noise machine or even a floor fan is helpful.

Hearing Aids

Tinnitus sometimes is connected with hearing loss. Hearing specialists theorize that the brain attempts to compensate for the reduction in hearing by producing its own effects for the ears to listen to. Certain kinds of hearing aids can be better if you have this combined problem.

Hearing aids include amplifying technology that helps you hear better. Those that are designed to amplify background noise can drown out ringing in the ears or other sounds with no external source. Some hearing aids also include white noise generators.

Other Equipment

Other intriguing equipment has been beneficial to many people with tinnitus. Modified sound and special music devices worn in the ears play sounds at tones and frequencies that you may not actually hear on a conscious level but essentially cancel out tinnitus sounds. The equipment is available in versions that can be customized. That way, you can choose which volume and kinds of sound are most helpful in various environments.